Thursday, November 17, 2011

Choices and Free Will

Every life begins in a beautiful way, just the way it is intended. But over a period of time we begin to include elements that not only affect us but those around us too. Elements of our emotions, desires, wants, power etc. And all this for (ironically) a better, super life. Time and again we give way to our ego, pride. Time and again we fall prey to the traps of our satanic desires. Time and again we falter. Seldom we return to our purity, simplicity and perhaps the innocence that we were born with.

In life we choose something over other, charting a course for ourselves. There are always options. Good or bad? well that is something we discover later. But we do have an option to choose, to choose the right options. That's something we all were gifted with - A free will. We can decide what's right, what's wrong. What's a truth and what's a lie. Yet we fail to see clear.

Perhaps, God gifted us with free will precisely for this reason. He must have known that we shall falter as humans. But He desired the truth to be understood in its completeness and purity. Most often, we make mistakes and then after some period of guilt or realization, we accept what is right. We understand the truth better. We see clearly what is better.

If free will is meant to give a freedom of choice, then why not let it be a medium to make choices that will not result in guilt or repentance? Why not make it an instrument of getting closer to our innocence, purity and simplicity. We are human and do make our share of mistakes. But our experiences of past can always influence us and our free will in making the right choice, in choosing options for a better life. Perhaps, in this manner we could be closer to God or that super power that guides our lives and takes care of this beautiful world.

We may still make mistakes despite intending to be right, despite intending to make right choices. We may still falter. But at least by intending and choosing something better, we could be assured of getting closer to our purity. Just what we were born with. And being purer and simpler would only assure us more happiness and bliss in our lives.

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