Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's life without purpose?

Purpose. The sole reason behind our greatest and smallest actions...Big or small, everything we do in life is guided by a purpose. You want great education and the purpose is to make it big in future, you want great job perks and the purpose is to get a life with great money...and the list is endless. There is no value of our life if we do not have a purpose. Whether you aspire for a professional or personal goal, purpose in life is important to give it a direction. But almost everything we do in life is guided by one sole purpose: Happiness.

Everyday, unconsciously we all run after happiness. We work or invest our time into something that will finally give us satisfaction. At the end of the day if we don't find happiness in what we do, we sulk about it...and then again run after something the next day. Everything seems terrific when we do find happiness on a day...that's because we realize that our purpose is fulfilled and completed. The sense of success and achievement comes from this fulfillment and that is what leads to our happiness.

So the universal purpose of every one's life is actually living a happy life, how we do it is solely on us. And we have our own ways to achieve it. But is it something that will seem worth the 60-70 years of your life? What would you look back on to be proud of your life? Of course you did keep happy and gave others happiness... but a purpose that you lived for and can proudly claim as your life's achievement? May be not.

There are people who make their life worth living by having a great purpose in may be as simple as pledging to keep your family members happy always or just any other small thought, but it certainly will impact you and life of a few others. When you turn back to rewind your life, you will be proud of being worth your life. That's the real purpose. Happiness is a part of every purpose. It will be there. That is all that we really strive to get. Doing something from our heart, that will in turn impact, improve and enhance our life and lives related to us would certainly translate into pride and happiness.

It's a small life and really not worth tying our self or others into obligations, rituals, traditions that are hollow and do not mean happiness at the end of their completion. It's best to keep life as simple as can be, with immense happiness and a thoughtful purpose. And certainly it is these little pledges of purpose that keep our life exciting and dynamic. Not only that, they establish the power of immense inner will power that we humans possess and remind us that nothing is impossible, if happiness is the goal and our purpose is the journey.

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