Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You can have the World and More!

The truest joys are ones that warm up your heart, make you look up at the sky, bring a smile & make you close your eyes. And these are very simple joys that we never plan, we never dream of. Yet, they come to us.

There is something about this world. Whether you believe in God or not, there is some natural force, a power or a source of energy that works - works to bring to you joys you can only dream of. Well, that's precisely why we are encouraged to dream! May be all this is confusing right now.

In simpler words, we humans are a mortal lot. So bring born and bidding adieu are known facts. What we don't realize between these two occurrences is the fact that we ourselves guide our life. Our mortal human body has powers to achieve, even dreams. Ever wondered how something you have been thinking for long but could not put into action starts taking shape on its own? All the directions start seeming right? All the actions start getting exerted at the right places? The required resources begin appearing from nowhere. And you begin wondering how everything is moving in the right direction in the right manner.

One may argue against the above, that even if we are being directed towards something we wanted, the success may not be guaranteed. True. Being successful or not is relative and personal. One may wish to start a business - so you do travel the path which gets you into it. But if it is not destined for you, you may fail only to realize that something else beckons you and your efforts. That's where 'your' success lies.

The argument arises again - why go through a series of failures or directions which are not destined or intended for us? The answer is experience. At a point of life we don't realize why we are being subjected to a particular situation or condition. But the experience we gain from it is certainly & definitely put to use later in our life.

What we desire - our thoughts and wishes travel far and wide in this universe in form of energies. If you really desire for something, it will come true, one fine day. If it doesn't, just know that the super power or the super energy or simply the destiny has something nicer and better for you. But as humans we can certainly guide ourselves closer to our dreams by our strong Will, our desires, our wishes. And as you know it, 'Where there is a Will, there is a way'... not just another quote or saying - its a truth you can experiment with.

So the simple joys of life are truly simple to experience! Just be positive, dream, have a strong will and cherish the experiences you gain all along your life - Life is meant to be beautiful - but the sculptor should know how to mold it...

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