Sunday, June 6, 2010

Being Happy in Adversity

Life is not always the same. If a long period spelled happiness in ones' life, there are always times in life when things don't seem right. It may not be suitable to our preferences, liking, choice or even temperament, yet we need to live through it. Its probably like ones' endurance and patience is tested through such times. Initially we run from such situations and try to find our comfort zone again. Unable to find it back we get all the more hostile towards such situations and stop adjusting. However, the key is to find one or more cause even in such times, which will make us happy. The key is to just be a spectator to such situations and watch where life is heading to. While some other force seems to be in control under such circumstances, we need to be patient, understanding and keep calm from within. Again, one might wonder how we can be calm when things around us are pretty chaotic, out of hand and opposed to what makes us happy? The key is to just analyse whether we can in anyway take control of a part or entire situation and whether factors creating the chaos be changed by us. It is much easier to sit back and let things happen, unless we can do something to improve them. No time lasts forever and so is the case with difficult times. So keep calm from within, divert your mind towards better occupations that will keep you happy and keep a hope that this time too shall just pass away. Indulge into creative pursuits, read good books, listen to music and keep a positive attitude. In adverse times also, there is scope of finding things that are still in our favour - be thankful for those little but existent hopes. All in all, happiness in any and all the times is in our hands. Sometimes we forget about it. But tiding away tough times and enjoying the good times demands our happiness from within. Be positive, be happy and live fully.

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