Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wings of Life

All forms of life struggle their way into this beautiful world. While we humans begin our journey right from the race of sperms for ovule, we actually make it to the world only after a gruelling journey of labour pains of our mothers. Life is therefore earned by all the living forms and hence truly needs to be cherished.
A little bird hatches fights out the hard egg shell and makes way for its life into this world. Ignorant of the harsh realities of life, it starts chirping happily and gets fed by its mother. Till sometime its mother protects, guards and saves it from cruel predators. Yet after sometime it is the little bird's responsibility to explore a whole new world. So viola!, it spreads its wings and takes the flight of fancy. Albeit with practise, but after a few falls, failed lifts and disappointments comes a flight that defines freedom and a beginning of a new life.
As humans we many a times fail to acquire the wings of life and fall back in our own miseries. We fail to look beyond our disappointments and keep focusing on our downfalls. We keep lingering on the failures that our life has encountered and keep questioning its occurrence in our lives. What we do not realize is that life teaches us both good and bad. While we rejoice in its good times, we fail to accept and learn anything from our bad times. It is that fall, that disappointment, that bad time which is actually the lesson for a smooth flight of life, a lesson for gaining strength and confidence to take on difficulties of life.
Just as the saying, 'Tough times do not last, but tough people do', a downfall in life never lasts forever. Yet some of us stretch it beyond its time of existence by not trying to learn a good lesson out of it.
Life is beautiful beyond description, but to truly cherish its essence we need to accept it completely. It is one life that we get after all, why spend it lingering on the bad times? Why not look beyond it? Why not acquire wings of happiness and fly as much as we can? Why not explore all the amazing things that life has to offer?
Life is just for once. Happiness can make a lifetime of a life. Take your wings of happiness and fly. That is what life is all about.

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