Thursday, March 5, 2009

Being Positive: A Miracle!

There are some small but adorable acts that have continued through ages, like wishing for something when you see a falling star or may be throwing a coin into the wishing pond and many more. Many of us dismiss them as just another myth, without realising that someone really benefited from that act. These and many more acts of wishing from your heart are nothing but a way of asking the 'Supreme Power' for something that one truly wants. We either believe in God or some 'Power' that guides our life and the well known forces of nature and universe. When we pray, we really put forth our belief, our wish for something that we really want, in hope that it will be heard and answered. What we may not realise is that at that moment we are also having a positive attitude towards this wish that 'it be answered'.

When a person is positive about his desires and wishes, he really gets them one fine day. This is not just a reckless statement, it is something we all experience many a times in our life. Sometimes we really hope for some miracle, like, 'I really wish I get selected in this contest' or 'I really pray that I pass through these exams' etc and many more. And the wish turns out to be true. Is it not?

Similarly, being positive from within about your life, people, your health keeps you hopeful. By being positive, we induce our body to be in a positive frame, thereby ensuring a healthy body. Ever tried telling yourself that you will be fine, when faced with some illness? There have been examples of people getting cured of most serious illnesses, just by keeping a positive attitude that they will be fit and fine soon.

A positive attitude not only helps you achieve what you really wish for, but also helps our mind stay in a good frame without bothering to get mired in negative thoughts and their side effects, thereby ensuring good health. Your positivity also affects people around you, by transmitting positive energy. So now we may be able to solve the jigsaw puzzle of how things like Reiki, Yoga work on people. Its just a matter of thinking good thoughts, thinking positive and being positive about any situation. And you would surely find things turning around in your favor.

Go ahead, be positive!

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Akhilesh Jain said...

your post has given me a positive attitute towards life.

thanks a lot