Thursday, November 6, 2008

Keep it simple

The whole world is bound to something or the other - rituals, traditions, religion, desires, greed, wants and everything else. Don't you feel sometimes that life is better off being a simple virtue? Having a belief in something (like religion, tradition, ritual) is one thing, and tying your life with complexities of it is another. If one's belief begins to suffocate us, or bind us in an unwanted condition, then its time to reconsider whether a belief remains a personal choice or is becoming a social obligation.

Life is not as complicated as we have made it through our own choices, beliefs and considerations. Most of the times people exert their self and their ego / importance through such obligations, while at other times they have been made to control life patterns of others. Just as religion is something too sacred and a very personal way of life. Its how a person connects with the Supreme power or tries to find a meaning of his life. Yet, undesirable exertions and over the top acts make it a burden for quite a many people.

Life is a very beautiful expression, which needs a lot of love and strength to grow. But obligations in the name of virtues like tradition, culture, values and religion can stunt its growth towards a beautiful journey. Lets share but not impose our personal beliefs and practises on others in a way that it becomes a burden. Lets be thankful for a life that has little wants and gives you more than you can ever think. Lets keep it simple, just like a flower that blooms, spreads its fragrance and colour and makes world a colourful place!

Live it, completely and let others too...

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