Monday, March 16, 2009

Detox your Life: Spread Happiness

These days it is quite common to go for various kinds of rejuvenating therapies, like Spa, Massages, Body Detox, Face Detox, Mind Detox etc. Wish there was a Life Detox kind of therapy too? Wishful thinking!
When our mind is tired with worries and thoughts, we seek peace and happiness. In trying times we tend to blame our Life for everything. But do we ever care to know how our Life is faring? If our Life is shaping up in the wrong direction, it is only we, as an individual work towards re-shaping it in the right direction.

Everyone faces obstacles of a kind or another in their Life. But few of us find an opportunity in them. Rather we create a problem out of every small obstacle we are faced with and unnecessarily increase our worries. If we keep messing our Life with one ‘problem’ or the other, how can our Life be faring well? We cannot expect our Life to be happy unless we spread happiness around us. And this does not mean smiling or laughing all the time, but it means that you find an opportunity in obstacles that you come across, you keep your Life simple and uncluttered, feel blessed to have yet another day in your Life, feel content about all that you have and not crib for what you don’t, spread joy and peace amongst people around you, feel good about the beautiful world around you and much more…

Happiness is the easiest emotion. It is one emotion that we can definitely create and spread around. A happy person spreads much more joy, peace and happiness around him. All of us feel good with presence of some people in our Life. It is because they bring about happiness in our Life and hence we seek their company more often. So why not become one of them? Why not spread cheer of Life amongst those close to you?

Life is short, uncertain and quite unpredictable. If we can make most of today, feel blessed and joyous about our Life, hope to make it better in future and spread happiness around us, we can be sure about having a good Life, a happy Life. This is the least required for detoxifying your Life and what's more - it comes free!

So turn around obstacles into opportunities, feel good about what you have, spread a smile and give goodness to your Life.

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