Thursday, November 6, 2008

Your Search is "YOU"

We all have tried to search for that one power, that one solace, that one destiny of our life that would change our life. After running around the world for mortal pleasures and desires, one day we all search for that enlightening peace, that solitude, that calm which will change our life, and take us on path of freedom. Freedom from this worldly occupation, worldly desires and wants. Or may be even that power which we always wanted to exert and yet have been waiting for some miracle to happen.

But few of us realize that our search begins and ends at us. Its only we, our self who can climb the Everest or dive the oceans. Its our inner power, our inner strength, a strong will power and a positive attitude that can move mountains and split oceans. But hardly few of us realize it.

One doesn't need to search for solace in any other spiritual person, for he himself has already found his solace, and even by his guidance we may not find it, unless we search inside us. If anyone on this earth can make you happy, peaceful, satisfied, content...its You.

Realize the power of your own will power, your own strengths, your own mind and soul, and you will realize that its right within you. Life is truly a miraculous incident. But most of us can't figure out where we are and where we can be. God made us, but he also Incorporated his powers within each of us, but left it to us to find and decide how and where we want to utilise it.

Its never late to do anything in life, and may be never early either! Today make yourself confident, strong, positive and happy - and you'll surely realize the power within!

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