Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Its You & only You...

Sometimes its difficult to believe how our strongest anchors in life detach fastest away from us and leave us in the lurch. And it mostly happens when our faith in them is growing stronger. May be that's the way its planned to be, so that we grow stronger through these hardships.

The best explanation is that people come in your life for a Reason, Season or Forever.... Those who are there for a reason or a season have been God sent to protect us, care for us, teach us, nurture us... And then when we are on verge of attaching ourselves to them, God takes them farther that we learn to swim the tide on our own.

This again is not such a bad situation, as it may seem. Because its through these lessons we learn that its our Own self that has to be strong willed, strong hearted, strong headed. Of course the love, care, affection and attachment of our loved ones is always there... yet its You who'll tread the path of life alone. So take it in your stride, learn, walk ahead and feel the completeness of life.

Everything in life is for a reason. Its good. For nothing will leave you without a lesson. And life is all the more beautiful when we've learnt our lessons well.... Life is and will always be beautiful... Always live it to your fullest!


Neilina said...

Nice write! Don't you think loving yourself is much harder than loving someone else! Life is always beautiful, for there always is a way to go which never ends!
I liked your blog, the quote at the top is perfect.

Adam Shake said...

Good morning,

its Adam from Twilight Earth. I wanted to personally stop by and thank you for posting the wonderful comment on my site, and I discover that you have a wonderful writing style yourself!

Keep up the writing, it's wonderful

Adam Shake