Thursday, June 19, 2008

Add Life to life!

There's much to life than we know and see. Each day is a gift and its on us how happily and excitedly we unwrap it to experience utmost joy and satisfaction. Each day, we don't know how the day would go ahead, but we can certainly time it to go our way. Just let the obstacles pass by you, anger evaporate above you, jealousy slide below you and vice vanish before you. Let just happiness encase you. And that will happen only when you do what you wish to, you do what you love the most, you do what you always want to. And then, all that you will experience is Joy, Happiness and Thrill.

Life is about nothing but Happiness. Everything works fine, seems fine, turns fine and feels fine if you are Happy. Its the easiest and best way to add Life to life. Its the best way to unwrap your gift each day. Its a way to say Thanks to God for a wonderful gift called Life!

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[Supra]™ said...

well nidhi thats a brighter intepretation of life.........well said........
i have a different take on life.......being the pessimist to the core, a result of how I intepreted what life did to me and how i evolved myself (well everyone reacts differently to situations in life)..........and in my search for the truth, I happened to read something somethime back. According to it the only path to liberation is truth and the truth is, “YOU WILL HAVE TO GIVE UP THE HOPE THAT THE PAST COULD BE ANY DIFFERENT ".

This is the best thing I have heard in ages. I don’t know if it liberated me but it certainly took off the baggage I had been carrying for years.

Tarun said...

I think life is about doing.Happiness and sadness could be consequences of events not in your control

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