Thursday, May 15, 2008

So much to Life!

There's a bright day and starry night each day. God probably thought of a daily opera for all us creatures of Earth. But we are more curious to know if Tulsi's back to Kyuki, or whether some Celebrity is marrying or divorcing or simply some routine neighbourhood / office / society gossip that we can lay our hands onto!

We probably forget that there is a brand new opera that's to begin with us each day. And of course end with us each day too! Every day comes with a thousand opportunities. Opportunity to read, sing, dance, paint, work, love, travel, wonder, write, research, desire, give, bring, feel... I think its endless... And all this is not a core profession or a core task that I have mentioned. Its something each of us can do / are capable of doing. Yet we forsake all of it for smaller issues of life.

Think of taking a small stroll under the starry sky, or sitting by a rock near the sea and listening to Music or reading a good book. No show can match this one... where you can be with yourself and your life. Probably He gave us emotions, so that we can enact a great show everyday... Just how you'd do it is on you. "The End" should always make you happy... make you fulfilled, make you feel satisfied & definitely make you want the next day even more eagerly!

Each day in life is precious, make it as good as you can!

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1 comment:

Lena said...

you've made perfect sense with this post. Every day is unique and we should use every opportunity to make the best out of it. Because in the end our life is summarized by such days. :)