Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The smallest and biggest word used by people is "I". Well, you're surely smart to see its a single letter and hence the smallest, but still wondering how its the biggest? "I" translates to "I, me, myself", in every way. It emphasizes one's worth, one's achievements, one's value, one's importance, one's place in this ever changing, moving world! Most importantly "I" is EGO.

But do we really ever wonder about it? Have you ever asked how big you are. What are the relative comparison factors? Probably none. Probably, you're still smaller than the smallest of the things on Earth. And that's because you still have a void, a lacking space, a desire, a want hovering in your heart and mind. You still own and wish to own a lot more than you already have. Yes, its right to be wanting, desiring. But then, its right and even more right to be giving.

For only when you learn to give more and take only as much as comes, you can be free of your ego. Free of "I". This is a state of well being within your heart, peace within your mind, happiness in your thoughts & acts... and satisfaction in life. For being happy would liberate you from undesirable wants, non-realistic achievements and many more dilemmas of life.

For once if you can feel happy, contented, full throughout the day, you can experience what I wish to say. And this time, mind it please... 'I' wasn't meant to be an "I".... its one without ego, one with wish to give, one with happiness.


Tarun said...

Abe mera yeh baat samjh mein I.

Yeah people forget themselves for their ego and grow naieve, complacent in competent and rude.

Did u know "I" is the smallest sentence is English?

Tarun said...

thanks for increasing the fonts.
Increased font make for stress free viewing