Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ideally Speaking... Life should be:

Ideally, I should have been an interior designer / model / CEO. Ideally, I should have been living in London / Switzerland / Paris. Ideally I should have had "Rs. X million" amount of bank balance by this age .... The list can just go on.

"Ideally" everything seems perfect, beautiful & so well fitted into our life. We always have a scope for "idealism" to settle in, no matter what task at hand. But its never so. No matter how perfect we execute, get, receive, send, give or perform, we always have this scope undelivered!

Pause here now and think that if there was only "Idealism" in our life, we would be left with no more wishes. No more desire to have more, do more, get more. Its this unfinished, incompleteness that gives us wings of hopes, desires and wants.

In life you may get what's "Ideal", but then you may not value it, because you would'nt have seen the "not so ideal" picture. God really had the vision to see this "forever wanting" (crudely - Greed!) in us humans. That's exactly why He gave you life the way it is. So that you value it, desire for something better and achieve your ideal life.

Today, if you're still there waiting for ideal things to happen, stop and think: Nothing ideal or perfect exists... You ought to manage yourself and your life to get an ideal.

Marriage / Husband / Wife / Sister / Brother / Job / House / Money: Nothing can be tagged ideal... till you really hone yourself to be one. Its just this lifetime... make it "The ideal one!"

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1 comment:

lost friend said...

Nothing is Ideal in this world yet to survive, to exist and to be more specific to co-exist we always look for the best possible scenario that would keep more people happy at the cost of leaving others sad and unhappy.
The Question always looms:
Was that an Ideal decision ???