Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Flaunting Life

There are many schools of thought, action and deeds when it comes to shaping and living your life. People have conservative/open, small/lavish, miserly/splurging lifestyles. They are happy to be living that way. Some dream of crossing lines to greener pastures, while others boast of being simple & conservative. But they fail to realise that by binding their life with stringent rules and restrictions in life, they are curbing freedom of their souls. If your life hasn't spanned across the various joys of this world, it actually remains fully lived.

By liberating soul and your life, I only mean that life has everything to offer: joys, dreams, fun, happiness, hope, achievements... the list goes on. But winding it across a pole of strict and restrained thoughts would only suffocate it.

This is where Mumbai, a city of hopes and dreams is something that has really inspired me. Everyone comes here with a dream, a desire. And it embraces them fully. This aspect is amiss across any other city of India. Of course other cities are more beautiful, but Mumbai is a reflection of how life can be, if only you have a hope, a desire, a dream, a longing and a will. And not to worry if you are not living here... all you need is to liberate yourself and scope your life towards all the goodness that life has to offer!!!

Everyone has a nice life, flaunt it... : )

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