Monday, January 14, 2008

The Wishing Heart

Life is a special wish. We all strive through life to reach somewhere in life. While its an unsaid standard to wish for being rich and famous, there are quite a few small yet important wishes that people make through their life.

How often have you really made a wish from deep within your heart? We have all known or seen small ponds or wells wherein a coin thrown would fetch you your cherished wish. However, you needn't go to a pool or a pond to do that. All you need is a heart. Yes, anything you really desire form your heart will surely come to you some or the other time in your life.

We needn't go too far than just hoping for our dreams from our hearts. Once wished, our ways, our life, our destiny gets directed towards fulfillment of that wish. That's when you wonder as to how did it happen.

Of course, make a kind wish, not one that harms anything on this earth. After all, life's a special wish itself... your parents wished for a wonderful child like you, and there you on why not go ahead and make a wish for yourself.... sooner or later you'll see it come true.

Go ahead, make a wish from your life...

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