Thursday, January 17, 2008

To be or WHAT to be?

There are times in life when your own loved ones fail to understand you. And though they claim to know you better than themselves, yet they can't cope with you at times. It becomes a hazy, abstract situation, wherein, we don't know how to be with them (though we have tried our best to best with them!!!).

Though life is far more interesting than just tackling such tasks, yet there are times when everything else is put to side in pursuit of ideals. Quite a few people wish for everything IDEAL in their life: ideal mother, wife, husband, father, daughter, friend, siblings....the list goes on. But again, ideal, like happiness is an abstract and relative term. Each has his/her own versions! Sadly, you can't download all such versions and start being one. A possible way out is to be what you are yet act someone else (the ideal one). But this again is short lived. And someday would outpour. Then is there a way out to know what To be or WHAT to be?

If you happen to read this, do try and answer...

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kedar said...

Hey Nidhi! Just happened to read your post. Good one :) Time worth reading.
Well, as you said these are abstract and relative terms. We need to draw a line for all these inevitable things. Most of the times, we can decide TO BE or NOT TO BE.. But, the interesting part of life is seldom we can decide WHAT TO BE..

Pavi!!!! said...

Nice place u have here..chanced upon it while blog hopping!

Hmm...there is no easy way TO BE or WHAT to be n why pretend to be someone??Its shortlived yes, and more importantly its untrue....n well, why complain abt loved ones failing to u'stand u...there have been times when i have failed to u'stand some actions of mine...Has that ever happened to u?

n well..i can't help scoffing at IDEAL..some of the beauty of this planet is the imperfection in it!