Thursday, January 10, 2008

Carnival of Life

Ever seen a Carnival? May be that of Rio or our very own Goa? Well, a colourful parade of people in various attires and forms, some dancing, some singing, some just hopping around. Wondering what's it got to do with anything but entertainment? Map it to life.

From the time we are born & the gradual years... all of it is one big Carnival. You sure may not realise it and may also disagree. But think of this: all our life we all play one or the other role. But in each role, we, like the costumed participants of a carnival parade, try to get smiles on people's faces.

You may argue that life's not always a happy go lucky stuff...Right. Absolutely. But that's because you asked for such a role. You could have been dancing and singing through it. But you wish to be enacting a negative character. Probably you could change and make things better. Probably you could think positive and put up a happier act. Probably the situation isn't as bad as you are adamant on making it. Probably you're stubborn about something, or holding on to your much pampered and caressed EGO.

Let all of this go. For who knows, you are that one small yet quite a significant character who has brought a smile to many. You end up bringing joy to someone. Yes, everyone's special for someone or the other in this wolrd. And while the world watches us perform in this Carnival, go, just put up the happiest act you can... and watch the world long for your return, again & again. Become special to as many as you can.

Viva Carnival! ............... Viva Life!!! : )

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