Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Mush & Warmth of Life: Love

One of the most beautiful and heart warming emotion is that of Love. And to have a day celebrated in its name, is only a small tribute to this most beautiful feeling. Everyone experiences love in their life and yet never bothers to thank the Almighty for installing this mush and warmth in everyone's genetic code!

And even today, when celebration of love is on a high (Valentine's Day), all around the world, there are still some eccentrics, who go all across the board to oppose it. Is it so difficult for them to understand that one day in celebration of love will only spring a million smiles, a million exchange of roses (for the Day is now celebrated for every relationship), a million gifts, a million warm feelings exchanged?

Life is all about being happy and spreading love, which in turn again brings happiness. Then why can't eccentrics learn that celebrating Love will only increase harmony, peace and warmth. We'd rather thank St. Valentine for keeping one day out of 365 to thank and celebrate Love, than start banning it just because its an alien culture. Love is not an alien, its rooted in every culture and tradition. And so should be its celebration.

Life is a celebration, a festival, a carnival. But without happiness, we can't think of smiles. Without love, we can't be happy. So isn't it this Love that makes the world go round. Lets be genuine in what we choose to oppose. Oppose hatred if you can, wars if you can, poverty if you can. After all, St.Valentine is famous for Love (till today...). Choose your way to Life - share, show & spread Love. Its harmless, beautiful, mushy, warm and most importantly- Our Life.

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