Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What really matters?

We all run behind some pursuit in life. Its achievement of this goal that keeps us happy..... Just a moment..... Does it really make you happy? Turn back and see the trade-offs made to get there...

Some moments and things in life don't come again and again... So cherish their essence in its full glory... who knows tomorrow you may not have the chance! But running after pursuits blinds us to glorious moments of life... Yes, they may be essential to survive, may be, but shouldn't grow beyond our reach. More money, more fame, more promotions - some of the goals we keep running after.... however they all aim to get you to One and Only One point - Happiness.

So everyone's pursuit is actually Happiness. And to get it, it really doesn't matter whether you run fast or slow, ahead or behind, all that really matters is enjoying every bit of it. Not losing on phases of life, so that when you look back, you have nothing, but you do have Happiness in life!

Cheers to life! : )

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Santa Claus said...

Nidhi -

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I do LOVE India. What a wonderful place. Keep an eye out for me.... I visit often, actually.

Your friend,

Chhaya said...

Happiness is an attitude - dont u think so. many smiles for u dear. do visit if u ever get time... :)

American Genius said...

Nothing really matters

kedar said...

Absolutely true!

Everyone should know what makes him/her happy :) .. whats the meaning of this word. Life would be very easy.. :)

COUNT of Happiness is the answer to life!