Friday, February 14, 2014

Grow on Love

Everything in this world is an outcome of love. We make things because we love making them. Whether its a baby, a machine, a car, a camera - someone somewhere in this world is so much in love with something that he creates that. Creation is nothing but an outcome of love.

Love is what we live for & we live on. All of us thrive on love. Right from our birth we need love. Even as a baby we need love to grow. Love not only gives comfort to the baby but also secures him in this big unknown world. As we get older, we still need love to understand ourselves and others. Love makes a connection between you and people you like being with. It helps you in bonding with people and helps you grow as a person. It gives you the inclination to learn, makes you understand life, helps you explore the world, helps you create everything you love!

Love is what we grow on and grow with. In absence of love, there wouldn't be as much beauty in this world. As a person, you are blessed to grow as much love within yourself as possible. You are blessed to share that love with people. You are bestowed with powers to express that love in ways more than one. You are designed to be a body of love - growing and spreading it all along.

Give your child a world full of love - they are like little seeds that you sow today. Years later, when they grow, they would beam with love. All that love you create within your heart will only leave you feeling full of love and pure joy. Give complete love to everything you like in your life. As you do so, you'll be filled with immense happiness and boundless love. 

As you grow in life, let love be your water, your sunshine. Grow on love - its the only element you need to live happily. 
(One can argue about money being the actual requirement of life but that's not true. You can mint money using brains, but to grow love, you need to use your heart & your heart is what gives you your life!)

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