Thursday, January 30, 2014

One Fine Day!

Once upon a time & One fine day... so goes every fairy tale! And do they exist? Of course they do. Fairy tales are all but magic. And Magic truly exists on this Earth! Yet to see magic with your own eyes? Wait for your very own 'One Fine Day'!

Life is a real fairy tale. It has all the moments that we think exist only in fairy tales. Its just that we don't really bother to look at it that way! We take it for granted that there would be up and downs in life and don't really make time to reflect upon what each of these indicate or teach us. Every person goes through various phases of life. The phases may usher utmost peace, joy, love & celebration or it may bring in upheaval of some kind. However, each phase comes with its own learning. It teaches you something for sure, shows you why something was so good, tells you why something was just not meant for you, gifts you something that's just right for you, offers something that couldn't have been better, makes you a stronger person, gives you insight into what you would have otherwise missed, takes you into the space you love the most.

And all this begins with a 'One Fine Day'! Just reflect back on your life and think about something that really changed you and your life for the better. Sometimes we do have to go through some upheavals to understand that we are meant for a different space, person or situation. However, some years later, that very chaotic phase of life would seem like the most valuable time of your life. It would have changed you and your life for the best.

Whether you leave your loved one, precious possession or a great place - the change is meant for your betterment. You may not realize it at that moment, but can always reflect on it a few years later. And you will certainly see the magic! A magic that brought you closer to something that's best for you, magic that distanced you from something so that you don't stagnate, magic that taught you something valuable, magic that made you a stronger & better person. That magic is what fairy tales are made of. Of course fairy tales don't talk about the nitty gritties of daily life - they just have a rough beginning & a happy ending. But so do you! No matter how many rough patches you go through, just know that 'One fine day' everything will be alright. 

We all narrate, 'Oh & one fine day this is what happened...' and we seem to happily accept that change. Each of us have that 'One Fine Day' in our life. No matter how many people, precious things, precious moments you may have to sacrifice, you will always come to your very own 'One fine day' in your life. And it will always be for your good.

One fine day, you will know that your life may have begun on a rough note, but its definitely heading towards magic & happiness. Cherish that happiness, that magic, that joy. Celebrate the magical change, for its always full of surprises and awesomeness! After all that's what all fairy tales do - celebrate magic! 

One Fine Day, you'll look back and say, 'Well & then... one fine day...'


varun dixit said...

"Awesome" wud be an understatement

varun dixit said...

"Awesome" be an understatement