Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Resolution, A Decision!

Time to pull down curtains on the year 2013, time to usher in the new performer. Every year plays a new act, bringing a host of emotions along. Showcasing a new scenario, the New Year gives you something new to wonder about, making you feel an emotion in a new way, giving you new realizations, new hopes, new tears, new smiles, new relief, new anxiety & above anything else, new wonderful surprises! Its an act you watch all along your life, with every new year being a new performer. Every year being a new reason to rejoice in your 'seat' as you watch your own brand new & beautiful act play in front of your eyes. Notice how, all along, as you watch, the 'Joy' to discover the next act/scene never ceases to thrill you.

New Year is like a secret gift, packaged attractively in a beautiful wrapping paper. But there's a fix. Its a huge gift, with tiny, million little gifts hidden within. You keep opening it all along, finding a new treasure for yourself. Notice how, all along, as you discover one little gift after another, the 'Joy' never leaves you. The sense of excitement, happiness & joy to find that new gift, every single day, never ceases to grow in your heart. 

New Year is like a 365 page book, all new and blank. Every single page awaits its colors. Every single page offers you a new way to play with colors, ideas, thoughts, expressions. Every page offers an opportunity! Every page gives you new 'Joy' to begin a new art.

Before you usher your very own New Year, you think of new resolutions... No matter how long your resolution list is, there's one resolution that 'Should' stay on your list, forever! 

Your decision to be Happy!

Just as its meant to be.

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