Tuesday, September 10, 2013

From Human Being to a Divine Being - Part I

Life! What a beautiful thought conceived, processed and created by the Divine. Everything in this Universe is life. Every single life is a form of energy. The Sun, stars, planets, flora, fauna, people, even the non breathing, non crawling/walking/running-static things like your home, your possessions - everything is an energy.

On this planet, we humans are the most gifted. We're endowed with sensory pleasures, communicative abilities, intellectual functionality and much more. We live our life like there is no tomorrow, like there is no other creature on this planet and like we are the most superior beings. We believe we have all the propriety rights to live as we want, do as we wish. We live as though we own every single bit of this Earth. On a materialistic level, we go to every extent to gather pleasures for ourselves. And yet, we are the creatures who are the unhappiest lot on this Earth. Why, did you ever see an unhappy(not angry) Lion? or an unhappy caterpillar? (Anger is an emotion, Unhappiness a state!)

Like I said, we're endowed with endless amount of powers. And, we're endowed with a 'Power'. This is certainly not the muscle power or the egoistic power. It is the Power within you. We're all a form of energy, you, me, your neighbor, your boss, your family etc. Like any form of energy, we keep moving -within our space, out of our space, into someone's space, out of other's space etc. While you tussle your everyday life, moving in and out of something or the other, you forget who you really are!Life is moving at a fast pace and everyone is in a rush. They're rushing in and out of something (their desires & wishes). And in this rush they stay unaware of their own Self. 

You must have seen a temple/church. And the Lord you worship resides within it. You maintain the building with utmost care and cleanliness. It is considered sacred enough and you'll never dare to cause any harm to it. Why and how did these come into existence? Perhaps in ancient times, some enlightened being conceived this thought of making a church or a temple, solely for the not-so-enlightened beings. He/She made them so that people understand what they truly are - a body (temple) that encloses a part of the Divine power (Soul). A temple/church/mosque is a sacred place and so is your Soul. The difference is that we take every care to keep a religious monument in shape and order and we rarely ever think of how we treat our own body. This, despite the fact that our body actually encloses a real power, a part of the Divine.

This may seem confusing and conflicting, at times even abstract. But that's the Truth. You are the Power. The only distance between You and your true inner Self is that of a discovery. Every single person is capable of discovering himself - through his experiences, through his meditative capabilities and through his understanding.

The steps to discovering your content Self is not difficult, but it certainly entails unlearning a few things and learning many wonderful things. 

Discover what these wonderful things are... in 'From Human  Being to a Divine Being- Part II'.

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