Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Being Thankful... A Great Virtue!

How does it feel when someone says a warm thank you? Specially when you've done something nice for someone? Just a small but a warm 'Thank You' from the heart can repay all the goodness that you've received from someone. Not only does it create a beautiful bond between the doer and the receiver, it creates much more will and desire to help in the heart of the doer!

Thank you may have been used countless times by people on this Earth, but being thankful at the right time, for the right thing makes a great difference. Now you don't need to think what all you should be thankful for. It can range from a very tiny thought or act to something really great. It can be something you expect or just received unexpectedly. It can be for someone you know or a complete stranger. It can be all that made your heart full of gratitude, love and warmth. It can be something you already have or wished for and received. 

Thankfulness is a virtue that can melt anyone's heart. It is an act of appreciating the person who has helped you, given you something or just been really good to you. It is a way of showing how much you care about someone's goodness. It is a way of telling them that they have been a wonderful part of our life, for that one moment, one day, month, years or life. It is the warmth that you yourself would like to receive from others, when you care to do something for them. It is the goodness you would like to feel, when you do something good for others.

Being thankful is not a momentary act. It is a virtue that should be practised every moment. When you see a brand new day, filled with sunshine, filled with hopes, filled with life, filled with the opportunity to do something great - be thankful! When you own a lovely family, share love and care, share wonderful moments, share joys and sorrows, share celebrations, share victories, share festivities - be thankful ! When you come across wonderful people who gave you love, cared for you, helped you, made a difference to your life, taught you something amazing, made you the person you are today, gave you that zeal to go an extra mile, gave you joy - be thankful! When you made friends who became your second family, laughed with you, stayed on with you (even if they had to move on later), taught you, showed you a new you - be thankful! When you feel healthy, bright and energetic - be thankful! When you see an awesome place, feel it, live it - be thankful!

The more thankful you will be every single day, the more goodness you would feel in your heart. And with goodness in your heart, you will spread much more goodness and beautiful warmth to those around you. And with so much goodness spreading from one to another, we can only be sure about a wonderful world that will be full of happiness, joys, gratitude, warmth and lots of love.

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