Monday, June 24, 2013

Peace in Every Piece of Life!

It was an article that I read on sunday, in a newspaper, that's set my thought on Peace. It was the beautiful act by a man, posting a picture with a lovely message - 'Israel loves Iran' *. While I may be the last person to comment anything about the two countries & their ongoing political strife, I am definitely not the last to know and comment about Peace!

Its very kind of life to have given me all these lovely & peaceful years in life. So I definitely do value peace. In my country too, there have been places that have never witnessed peace in a long long time. So again, I realize that peace is necessary not just for a stable individual life, but for a Nation as a whole entity.

As individuals of these times, when there is a whole new world on the internet, we all have a share in creating a beautiful world. The innumerable social sites have given a wonderful platform to all us to spread more love, peace and care amongst not just our loved ones, but even those who we don't know, haven't met or will never meet. There is a very fundamental law - The more you give, the more you get. Well, this law works perfectly well with beautiful emotions like love, care, gratitude etc. The more love you give to people in your family, the more you will receive. The more thankfulness you have for good things in life, you will certainly get  more of them. So going by this law, the more love we spread (whether online or offline), we are bound to receive more. And I guess that's exactly what happened with the guy who created this lovely message - 'Israel loves Iran'. Because people were just waiting, somewhere in their hearts, to extend that hand towards each other. To share love and care to each other. To show that Peace is as much desirable by them as is by the people on the other side. To tell that all that matters to their life is their family, love and peace.

While I can never measure of what people in both the countries would have gone through in ruffled times, the story of their new found 'love & peace' led me into visualising a wonderful dream about them. I visualised a lovely little river flowing from one country to another, that's filled with love. It does not contain water, it is made up of lovely little valentine hearts. They are softly swaying with flow and making their way from one country to another - bringing about smiles on people's faces, warmth in their hearts & of course peace in their lives. I see families hugging each other, their eyes closed in relief and a warm smile on their faces. The river slowly begins to flow along the boundary of every country, along the man-made boundaries. And gradually it finds its way into every single boundary that has been created - country-wise, state-wise, city-wise, area-wise...And slowly, the world, our Earth develops a beautiful color scheme! When viewed from the satellite, our Earth looks splendid in turquoise oceans, green landscapes & of course the red valentine hearts that are swaying around. Our Earth is full of love, compassion, peace and life!

And then I come back from my dreamy space, back to my daily chores of life, only to realise that this dream is possible. When all of us take that one step of love towards the other, extend our hand of care, share warmth with each other and give a virtual hug through our kind words, then peace will never be a distant dream. It will be what our lives, our world will be composed of. It will be what our world will grow with. It will be what our world will breathe in. I am still in that Turquoise-Green-Red dream world full of love & peace... I don't think I wish to come out of this dream, till I know that this wonderful dream itself is the reality. 

Wish you a very Happy Life!

*Even though I have never written articles specific to any person, place or current topic in the space of Life & Soul, this message gave me a beautiful thought & a wonderful dream to live with. 

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