Monday, January 7, 2013

Life is sometimes on Youtube!

Well, not literally! What I mean by saying that 'Life is sometimes on YouTube  is that many a times we feel our life is playing like a video, right in front of our eyes. We come to a point in life wherein plans seem worthless. Whether it is prayers, wishes, blessings...or just our plain hard work. Nothing seems to be working or moving. Its like you're one inch away from what you want, yet just that one inch begins to stretch up to miles & miles. You feel helpless, impatient, worried & panicky.

We all come across such times in our life. For some it might be a rare occurrence, for some a regular one. But it does happen. Well, its just a part of the big plan. Your life is planned - what you call destiny... phases of your life are destined in a way. This certainly does not mean that your efforts mean nothing. They are actually the means of commuting on the destined path.

And so, sometimes you may feel that your wishes and prayers are certainly coming true. But just when you think you're there, you get stuck. All that you had planned doesn't work. All your efforts at this point seem futile. It feels as if something is holding up everything, strongly.

This is when we begin to sit back and view the entire plan unfold on its own. Whether it is extra time, extra resources or extra efforts, we begin to invest whatever it takes to reach our ultimate goal. And we do all this without a conscious effort, as if someone is guiding us and making us do all that.

It feels as if we are really watching a movie or a video wherein we ourselves are the protagonists, and something around the universe is the director. A Divine power. Whether you name it as God or just consider it as the Supreme Power, your life is beautifully planned. Obstacles in way of our accomplishments are just a way of learning. If you don't learn it the hard way, you really won't value what you get in your life. That's how life teaches us how to reach the peak - sometimes steady, stumbling at other times. 

After all, don't you teach a child that its okay to fall & get back to walking or running. Similarly, He or the Supreme Power wants to teach you that its okay to have setbacks, its okay to fall, its okay to come across obstacles, its okay to learn the hard way. Perhaps we get so busy & engrossed with the success, that we forget to acknowledge the route to success. 

At all these times when you feel stuck, when you feel as if you are watching your life on YouTube - just be relaxed and happy. For whatever turn your life will take, will be for your good. 

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