Monday, April 16, 2012

Take Pain in your Stride!

Life is such a wonderful blend of experiences - some bring joy while some bring pain. Our birth itself brings about moments of pain clubbed with joys. As we grow, we come across various situations that bring in joys and sorrows. Slowly we begin viewing joys as something that is precious & rare and pain as something that is constant & regular. We start viewing situations from our negative point of view and term them as 'problems'. What we don't realize is that a 'problem' is also just another situation in our life. Its just that we are not prepared for a complex situation and don't have a well thought solution for it. And so we begin our saga of sorrows (till that situation gets resolved).

One should always remember that in life there is no such thing as continuous and constant. Moments of life change and they change for good. If one not subjected to different situations how would he/she gain experience? And it is only experiences that enrich our lives.

The natural flow of life is known to everyone and in process of living we do learn along the way. Of course there are some situations that are extreme and drastic. But again, we just need to recover from them too. Whether we encase ourselves in someone's loving care or engage our minds into something creative (in order to forget the pain we felt), we need to learn our lessons from unhappy moments/situations of life. Everyone has their share of such moments and situations. It is tougher for some because that's the only way they will become stronger (strong willed). It may not be so tough and harsh for others, because they may just need a few hints to become wise and strong willed.

At times everything in life seems like a feel as if all the situations are going awry, all the efforts are getting wasted and there seems no hope of anything getting better than what it is. It just feels that things can get worse off from here, not better. At such points of life we completely shut our minds and heart from thinking about any solution. We start accompanying pain/sorrow in a never ending journey and start befriending it. And then begins a vicious circle of being in pain, sub-consciously enjoying pain, desiring to get out of it, being unable to get out of it, being in more pain!

When life itself can chart a course for you, why should you worry? Take pains/sorrows/complex situations as part of life. Its like you love solving a puzzle but don't want to go through the hassle of figuring out the right parts. Consider this: is worrying or being in sorrow worth your one precious life? No.
Happiness is definitely not as precious as we make it out to be. Every single day comes with its set of situations and moments. If we want we can be happy every single day. Just ward off any negative thought about a situation and rather try and look at it as an opportunity to solving yet another silly puzzle!

When its just one life that you live, why not explore it every moment? Why not think about every situation as an opportunity to enrich your experience? Why not find beautiful ways of tackling it? Why not bring about an element of humor to something you don't like? Once you change your outlook towards a situation, find simple ways of solving it, turn it into your favor and make it a beautiful experience for yourself, you will truly cherish every single situation that life brings to you. You will start enjoying every moment. You will see that the 'precious' happiness is actually very common and easy to attain. That's when your life will truly be blissful and you would truly desire for one more life in your lifetime!

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