Thursday, July 31, 2008

Health is a true Wealth!

Not that people don't know this. We've all heard it umpteen number of times. Yet do we really care? Except the recent wave of fitness that's going across major cities, how many people really bother about their precious wealth called health?

Like everything else, we take our body and life for granted. As its the dumping zone for any and every kind of trash stuff. Eating? Yes, sure, lets dump some more of oil, preservatives, colours, sugar to our body - Lets have the forbidden stuff right away, for all we know is that our body will accommodate and adjust....Thoughts? Yes, let have some nice negative thought / worry to keep our mind mill churning, for all we know is that mind will forget.... at some time, someday......

Mind, body and soul exist in harmony in a life form, till we grow up and start catering to our whims and fancies for food, thought & actions! Its a precious and valuable gift that we should really care about. Its a source of existence and your only ticket to life!

The least that we can do to take care of it is to know what we are thinking, doing, eating... are we treating it well? Is your body happy with you? Are you feeling happy within it? If the answer is 'No', its high time we fix it.

Eat Fresh / Healthy, Think Positive / Good, Live Well / with Punctuality, Treat your body as a precious gift.... And Happiness will be inherited on its own....

Keep Happy, out and within!

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sulochanosho said...

Good timely health watch there, Nidhi. Yes with least care and scare we dump and pump everthing in our body for our so called sensation. Still our body is surviving - God alone knows how.
Once the point of tolerance is gone, everthing gone beyond repair.
Let's have the balance and simple sense in our actions so that the health and hormony is maintained.