Friday, August 24, 2007

As it Unfolds...

Sometimes you just need to take a backseat and become a spectator of your own life! Don't question the time, or seek any answers... Let it unfold before you like a mystery that's caught you on edge!

Well, for good or not, life does take some turns that leave you wondering about life ahead. But questions would only increase the worry... you still wouldn't be answered. It is during such times that one avails his most valued virtues, Patience. Be patient, and you shall find the beautiful learning attached to the changes taking place. And remember, when life takes a turn, its always to take you on new heights of life, whether you want it or not.

Its this particular feature of life that's so enthralling... to teach us new lessons of life. Lessons that we fully know and yet don't adhere... lessons that will emboss new changes in us as better human beings... lessons that will teach us to value time.... lessons that will bring us closer to God.

And once this happens, you will smile (being a spectator to your life), at the beautiful meaning achieved by changes in life.

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