Wednesday, May 2, 2007

In pursuit of happiness...

There are just two phases of life. One childhood, the other: Moneyhood. Come teens and we all start running after the same one carrot: Money. Some do it through free will, others through reluctance. A free will marathon (pursuing vocations that are creativey pursued from our hearts) results in happiness coming in first and then the money. Reluctance marathon (pursuing abstract goals like jobs) brings in money first, then "probably" some happiness.

I value money, but I think that its the most abstract & intriguing objective on earth! We run after it, all life, to get some more....while it robs us of everything we have. Robs us of living a happy life with family, some moments doing just what you want to, of the special days of our lives, of happiness. At the end of it, we probably are rich for the world, but poor for self...

And yet... for all life reduces to a race for money, while the more valuable phases are left behind, only to be looked back with a regret of "how I wish I had".....Look back now & ease your pace in this race, so when you look back, you see more satisfying milestones achieved than just a race half won!

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1 comment:

kedar said...

Hi Nidhi..

That's the pleasure of writing :-)
Although both the posts tend to highlight the same cornerstone of a perfect life.. thats "Happiness" :-)
And absolutely true! Money is an important thing but not the most important.

Hey, you write really well!